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Jun 13 2012

Institute, Day 2: Drill, Baby, Drill!

We had a fire drill today! Or maybe a summer school student pulled the alarm. Not sure. Here is a picture of Dowling that I took while we were outside:
^ Dowling Middle School in Houston’s Sunnyside Neigborhood
^Me looking reeeeally goofy in Houston’s Sunnyside neighborhood. My hair is a mess in this humidity!
I’ll describe the neighborhoods that Dowling serves in a few days once I do more research. We took a bus ride and it’s a very, very fascinating mix of urban and rural in Houston’s first historically black neighborhoods. The neighborhoods are called Hiram Clark and Sunnyside. Amazing history, and very interesting places!
We had a really great discussion on diversity in our CMA groups.
I also took a very nice walk in Rice Village today after it stopped raining. Lots of beautiful houses. I bought a pair of headphones, and stamps, since I’m mailing off my applications to get a scholarship for DISD accreditation fees.
More to follow – very busy tonight!

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