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Jun 14 2012

Institute, Day 3: The Science of Sleep

As expected, Institute is taking its toll on even my famously poor sleep habits. I’ve been going to bed at 3AM most nights or, 2AM when I am lucky and organized. When you wake up at 6AM every morning, that’s not a lot of sleep hours, and it really makes the rest of the day a struggle. I’ve been increasingly dependent on coffee, which I predicted would happen, even though I never “needed” coffee through four years at the University of Chicago.Tonight I will get more sleep, hopefully. Rice Dining has been great, and gave me a set of kosher microwave meals, so I am really looking forward to sitting down to a hot meal for the first time in a while, taking a shower, and then peacing out as soon as our evening sessions are over. Today was not nearly as hot and humid as the past two days, so it was a welcome break.

We got to see teachers and students in the classroom for the first time today, which was really great, but I have a headache so I can’t really think or write about all of the really cool things I learned today. I have to take a nap before we go work on developing our “teacher voices.”
I’ll leave you with this picture of a very interesting and encouraging artifact I found hanging on the halls of Dowling Middle:

I swear I didn’t put it up!

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