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Jun 18 2012

Institute, Days 6-7: Calm Before the Storm

So I don’t have much time to post, but that is because tomorrow is the BIG DAY! My first day actually teaching kids. I am super excited to meet them.

This weekend I ended up rushing to Kroger in the few hours before Shabbat, and bought enough things for a nice little dinner by myself, which was a little less depressing than I thought it would be (I was literally crying up until I decided to go do something about it and get groceries – I miss everyone so much and Shabbat makes me think of that especially!). I ended up lighting candles, making kiddush, and eating immediately because I was too ravenous to daven Kabbalat Shabbat/Arvit. After that, I actually ended up clonking out at around 9PM, and didn’t wake up until around 10AM. Grrl needed her beauty sleep! After waking up, I decided to take the half hour hike to the Chabad house here in Houston, where I was actually basically on time for Shacharit (an unusual occurence!). I met some people, schmoozed over kiddush lunch, and then walked home, napped some more, ate some more, and started reading bell hooks’ book Teaching to Transgress. A shout out to Jennifer Oki, Manager of Regional and Diversity Recruitment in Chicago, who recommended it to me months ago when I was still a nervous wreck about being able to match my values with teaching! It is a phenomenal book and I am just eating it up, and it really energizes me for what I’m about to do.

After Shabbat ended, I went and saw Moonrise Kingdom, the new Wes Anderson film, at the local Landmark Theater here in Houston. Such a romantic, tender, beautiful film. It made me feel teary-eyed and lovey dovey and super homesick, but it also made me laugh quite a lot. Few things would have made for a better break from the world of entering diagnostic scores and writing lesson plans!

Today I basically freaked out about apartments, and now I am lesson planning into the morning! Yeehaw!

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