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Jun 27 2012

Institute, Day 16: Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming…

I’m holding myself to sleep at 1AM tonight because I’m teaching two extra classes in addition to my own tomorrow, but I just wanted to give a brief update. This morning was almost just as bad as yesterday even though I didn’t have any students and it had to do with other things, but I think the processing I did yesterday and the outpouring of support helped me eventually pull myself together and not let it ruin my day. Thanks to everyone who was there to talk or who sent encouragement. I’ll talk more about a field trip I took to the original KIPP Academy today in the next post, as well as an update about how my teaching goes tomorrow. I’ll also talk about  a visit from my MTLD, where I’ll explain what an MTLD is, and why it helped me turn around my day today. Until then, ciao and thanks.

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