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Jun 28 2012

Institute, Day 17: Back to Business

So today I taught three classes – mine, and those of other corps members who went to visit KIPP today. It went better than I thought it would be, and now all of that is over and I am back to just teaching my kids, except for tomorrow where¬† I will have to visit another KIPP school. I went in this morning with my game face on, ready to work and ignore the distractions, blasting god knows what in my headphones on the bus beforehand to get pumped. I made it through another day, and it was better than the first two days of this week. Tonight I have two lesson plans to write and I left my computer charger at school, but thankfully there is a 24 hour computer lab. I unfortunately don’t have much time to update in as much detail as I thought I would yesterday, but I’ll give a quick rundown of what else is going on.

I’ve received a bunch of frozen kosher food. Probably enough to last me the rest of Institute. I am very grateful.
I’m making friends with the people in my CMA group (group that works together to teach similar subjects at Dowling). These are some fine people.
I’m looking on as the political situation around education and school hours unfolds in Chicago, but it turns out there is plenty to fight for here in Texas, if you look at this article published in HuffPo today. It’s a real cosmic accident that I ended up in Texas and not in Chicago, a city I’ve grown to love with a passion, but hearing that these goons in Texas want to outlaw “higher order thinking” makes me feel like I should be here right now.
Anyways, I should get back to planning. I’ll update in more detail when I find a spare moment and a spare charger.

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