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Jun 29 2012

Institute, Day 18: But I’m a Cheerleader!

I keep not having time to write a lengthy post, or really email anyone back. If it’s not one thing it’s another. I’ve finished my second week of teaching at Dowling Middle School. I think over the weekend I am going to be thinking long and hard about how to turn my classroom around, because I feel like I haven’t been able to give it 100% and really convey to my kids how much I care about them and believe in them, and mean it. After visiting two KIPP schools this week, I have a fairly good idea about what it will take to engage my third graders in Dallas, but it’s harder to make strategies and implement them halfway through a four-week summer course. I feel like I am not the best teacher that these kids could have this summer, and that is a depressing and sobering thought. I think that the biggest challenge I am directly facing in the classroom is organization. I have never been known to be the most organized person, and on top of that I am very clumsy and forgetful, so I am going to do my best this weekend to develop a system that will keep me more in charge and aware of where everything is and why it is there.

Tomorrow is TFA Day, which I think is like a color-war competition between the schools here at Rice. I helped write the chant for our team! Well, I should go to sleep now. I am sorry I don’t get to talk longer about the fun parts.

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