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Jul 30 2012

Oh hey there.

Hello everyone. Sorry for the very long lapse in blogging. I got swamped in things to do with the end of Institute, the move to Dallas, my visit to Chicago, and the beginning of “First Eight Weeks” training that I haven’t gotten around to publishing an update. I had a very long post backed up on Evernote, but it’s beginning to sound dated and not very good, so I’m just going to wing it.

Institute ended on a very reflective note. I’m still convinced that I was not the best teacher my students could have had. It weighs heavy on me, and challenges me to try to become better once I start teaching my third graders. The process begins now, and I’ve checked out some theory books to start working on so that I go into teaching with at least some of the background I wanted to use in my teaching. Thus, I’ve checked out the following two books from the library (I got a Dallas Public Library card!!!), which I hope will be useful:

The Modern School Movement: Anarchism and Education in the United States by Paul Avrich (I couldn’t find Ferrer’s book in the Dallas library, and they made me talk to a librarian to go get it out of the “limited access” section before I could check it out! Ha!)
Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paolo Freire – I’ve read parts of this book and have heard it referenced in bell hooks, but now I want to read the whole thing. Also had to get it from limited access!

Tomorrow I begin training with the District’s Alternate Certification program. Uh, woohoo.

My laptop screen shattered a few days ago! It makes me one very sad panda, but thankfully I bought protection that covers it – it will just be very inconvenient to wait around for the store to ship it back to me – it might take two weeks, so I might be without the internet for a bit. The good news is that my mom was thoughtful enough to pack and bring me my monitor from my old desktop, so I’ve hooked it up to my laptop in the meanwhile and have been able to do things that way.

I’ve also successfully quit soda for around 2 weeks now! I’ve also established a routine in which I go to the gym in my apartment complex every night and watch baseball (or, now, the Olympics), and it feels nice to actually start working out again. I have this dilemma now in which I came in swearing that I would not become a Rangers fan, but now I realize that the Rangers are fun to watch and that I don’t really have a connection the other two teams in the AL I generally root for (Athletics moreso, Red Sox less so). I could still remain a good faith fan of the Padres and the Cubs, I figure, since they’ll never have to play the Rangers in the World Series anyways :(

I also get to see my classroom this week! I can’t wait. I’m thinking about starting a community garden, if I get my principal’s approval.

Anyway, I am really sorry for falling off the face of the earth. I’ll try to blog more frequently now that the pace seems to be settling.


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  1. meghank

    I’m trying to read Pedagogy of the Oppressed, too. It’s very hard to get through.

    For classroom management, organization, teaching procedures and routines, and a lot of other tips, I recommend The Cornerstone by Angela Powell.

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