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Jul 31 2012

You Can Take A Girl out of the Scav Hunt…

but you can’t take the Scav Hunt out of the girl.

One of the things that I realized at Institute is that I really have to start liking living in Dallas in order for me to be able to invest 100% in my students and my role here. It’s been a rough adjustment, but last night something snapped and I decided to go to the movies by myself at the The Magnolia, where I saw Woody Allen’s new film “To Rome With Love.” After going out on the town for the first time here, even though I was by myself, I realized it is very possible to have a blast here. So, in the spirit of adventure, I came up with the following list of “items” I want to do/see before my time in Dallas is up. I’ve left out the more, uh, “whimsical” items on the itinerary, but let me know if you want the full list!

Here are the items so far:

  • A good kosher restaurant (I’m running 0 for 1 right now).
  • A coffee shop to become a regular at
  • A bookstore to become a regular at
  • A quirky landmark, store, or museum
  • The avant-garde music scene (I have a buddy for this one already!)
  • Somewhere to buy comix
  • A community garden to join
  • A reliable Motzei Shabbos spot
  • A spa
  • Recreational fencing or martial arts
  • A perfect place for the perfect picnic
  • A reliable thrift store
  • The best produce in town
  • The poetry/spoken word scene
  • The Orchestra, the Opera, and the Theatre (Kitchen Dog Theater looks amazing!)
  • Anything resembling a Marxist or feminist bookstore
  • Somewhere to drink Turkish coffee and play sheshbesh
  • Regular occasions requiring formal/semi-formal attire
  • A hairdresser
  • A doctor
  • The most ridiculously granola, crunchy place in all of Dallas
  • The most redneck, guntotin’, rowdy place in all of Dallas
  • A better apartment complex for next year
  • The stomping grounds of the Dallas elite
  • A meeting of either the Tea Party, the NRA, or the Minutemen
  • The best Purim party in town
  • One-time splurge on the bougiest orange juice, milk, and butter in all of Dallas
  • witness a court hearing
  • Occupy Dallas
  • George W. Bush himself
  • FC Dallas and Texas Rangers games
  • White Rock Lake
  • Shreveport, Louisiana (per my friend Robbie’s suggestion)
  • A Texas Secessionist meeting
  • A drive-in cinema
  • Cowboy boots, a ten-gallon hat, and a belt buckle
  • Texas running shorts (not very tznius, but I’ll wear leggings under them!)
  • Witness the fiercest high school football rivalry in town (I hope there are Saturday night games)
  • A beauty pageant – take a picture with the winner
  • A mystic on a lecture circuit

Stay tuned for more, and updates whenever I complete one of the items!

3 Responses

  1. Jacqueline

    That’s awesome! Hey I’m not sure if you are still checking this, but how did it go? Did you manage to find great places? I might be moving from Los Angeles to Dallas for TFA (was just accepted) but I’m nervous about moving far away from a city I know and love. Please shoot me an email if you can. :) Good luck with teaching!

  2. Robert

    Sounds like so much fun! I’ve been thinking about making a similar list for Korea. A very Scavish suggestion: get an eyewitness opinion of the JFK assassination.

  3. EMinNM

    As a fellow U of C alum, I support you :-) I’m pretty jealous that your town has these sorts of items…my list might include a semi-decent bookstore and a non-Walmart shopping locale, but probably also a store that sells dress moccasins and a mountain I can climb up, so I guess it evens out.

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