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Aug 26 2012

Thanksgiving Break in August

I will post a “Night Before First Day of School” post later tonight, God willing, but right now as I am freaking out and preparing to be ready to teach tomorrow, I wanted to take some time to list ten things I am thankful for:

1. Making it out of the accident with minimal injuries, and that no one else was involved. Also, the way my luck has been going this month, I am thankful that I have not been struck by lightning and that the earth has not opened up and swallowed me.

2. The continued support by my parents as I’ve been making the transition to a new city. They flew in last month and helped set me up, and have made sure that I have never had to worry too much about finances through this very tight summer. I realize that I am very lucky.

3. Skype, the postal service, my cell phone, gchat, planes, Facebook (yes), and everything else that has allowed me to keep in touch with people I love and care about.

4. The love and support of friends and family who have encouraged me in my toughest times, and have put up with a lot of endless bellyaching, fits of neurosis, and complaining on my end. I am so lucky to have so many people rooting for me, and so many people willing to take time to let me know I’m not alone in this.

5. Receiving the T3 Scholarship for $3,000 that will cover the bulk of my certification costs.

6. Having a job in one of the toughest economies in recent times. This time last year I was a nervous, anxious wreck, convinced that I would not find any work after college.

7. My co-workers at Blanton Elementary, who helped me get my classroom in order as I was panicking in the last few hours before Shabbat, encouraged me and gave me meaningful advice, and have welcomed me with open arms. I never expected such generosity and warmth, and I am truly very lucky to be here.

8. The TFA staff members that have given me clear directions, advice, resources and expectations, and let me know they have my back.

9. My fellow corps members, who inspire and encourage me daily.

10. Being able to get a full night’s sleep (on Saturdays).

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